!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2011 FAIFAI EUROPEAN TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heeeeeeeey!!!!!!! Faifai’s SHIBAHAMA is coming to you from TOKYO!!!!!!
Based on a classical rakugo (traditional Japanese performing art) story, Shibahama portrays the essence of human nature that doesn’t change over time.
We will show you SHIBAHAMA as party or theatre or rakugo or ○■×▲……..!!!!???
Everyone come and join us and enjoy our SHIBAHAMA!!!!!
We love all creatures great and small!!!! Hugs and kisses***
Please check it→→→  ARIGATO:3

The story of “SHIBAHAMA”
Shibahama is a story of a drunkard fishmonger called Kuma, who never goes to work. One day, he finds a wallet on the seashore with a fortune in it. He goes home filled with joy and sets a feast together free cialis coupon with his wife, then he falls asleep. The next morning, canada online pharmacy his wife tells him that he only dreamed about finding money and all they have is the debt taken for the previous night’s party. At first he wants to die, but giving in to his wife’s pressure, he decides to quit drinking and becomes a hard working man. 3 years later on New Year’s Eve his wife admits that the money was real and she took it to the police frightened by the large sum, but as the original owner was not found, she received the money back. Kuma gets angry at first, but he soon realizes that he must be grateful cialis levitra viagra for his wife, and the two of them decide to celebrate with a glass of wine. But as the man lifts the glass, pharmacy jobs in canada ontario he says: Stop! Or it will all become a dream again. 
HEBBEL AM UFER – HAU 3: Tempelhofer Ufer 10 / 10963 Berlin

TELEPHONE +49 (0)30 259004 0

8 September 22:00
9 September 22:00
10 September 21:30
 Merlin Theatre
1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy street 4. (close to Deák Square) Phone: +36 1 317 9338, +36 1 318 9844

21 September 20:00
22 September 20:00
23 September 20:00

Text / Yoko Kitagawa
Director / Chiharu Shinoda
Shiro canada pharmacy online Amano

Rino Daidoji
Mai Nakabayashi
Koji Yamazaki
Kazuya Kato
Yoko Kitagawa
Chiharu Shinoda
Ayami Sasaki
Kyoko Fujitani
Mihoka Kawamura
Olga Irimiás
Stage manager / Mitsuaki Adachi
Technical director/ Yutaka Endo
Video / Shiro Amano
Sound / Daisuke Hoshino
Stage design / Ayami Sasaki viagra levitra cialis
Stage set in collaboration with / Kitchen Budapest, Moonwalkers <Mamoru Metsugi, Mitsuhiro Obara, Reina Shiihashi, Shigenori Mochizuki> (Ritsumeikan University College of Image Arts and Sciences, Mochizuki Lab.)
Stage design assistant / Carmaine Scarola
Costume / Kyoko Fujitani
Tour manager / Olga Irimiás
Manager / Mihoka Kawamura
Produced by faifai
Supporters / AsahiBeerArts Foundation, Japan Foundation, The Saison Foundation
“my name is I LOVE YOU”
Basically, „my name is I LOVE YOU” is a love story. Whether we like it or not, all of us need to be attached to someone with strong feelings. At the same time, love involves defencelessness, which can be frightening. As childish as it may sound, this story is about the fear of falling in love.
However, the ending of the story is not so serious, and we try to play it in a silly way, too. For faifai, silly is not a negative word – we think that one can’t be sensitive and happy without being a bit silly.
While making this piece, we experimented with separating voice and movement, which opened the door to an unexpected and funny style of expression. We use this style to entertain, while talking about love – which is present all over the world, but still is so special in every case.
Augusti TantsuFestival 2011
27-28 August
Text: Yoko Kitagawa
Directer: Chiharu Shinoda
Techno (college student who loves techno music): Shiro Amano
Hakase (guy who earns a living in the sex industry): Koji Yamazaki
Hard (sex doll robot): Kinuyo Nogami
Softhalf-human sex doll): Rino Daidoji
Future girlcollege student from thefuture): Mai Nakabayashi
Voice: Olga Irimiás
Stage manager: Megumi Sato
Lighting: Takayuki Tomiyama
Sound: Daisuke Hoshino
Stage de
sign & image: Ayami Sasaki
Costume: Kyoko Fujitani
Choreography: Kinuyo Nogami
Photo: Kazuya Kato
Tour manager: Olga Irimiás
Produced by faifai
Supporters /Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, Japan Foundation, The Saison Foundation