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Faifai’s SHIBAHAMA is coming to BANGKOK from TOKYO!!!!!!
Based on a classical rakugo (traditional Japanese performing art) story, Shibahama portrays the essence of human nature that doesn’t change over time.
We will show you SHIBAHAMA as party or theatre or rakugo or ○■×◎▲……..!!!!???
Everyone come and join us and enjoy our SHIBAHAMA!!!!!
We love all creatures great and small!!!! Hugs and kisses*** ARIGATO:3


May 1~3 「SONIC」 Ekamai @ Bangkok Thailand


90 Sukhumvit Soi 63 (Ekamai), between Big C and Soi 10 on the right-hand side, across the street from Sherbet.
Mass transit: BTS Ekamai


☆☆☆entrance free☆☆☆


is a wild mash-up of traditional Japanese Rakugo, contemporary dance, gameshow and theater. The original was created during the Bakumatsu era around 200 years ago, and is well-known among Rakugo classics for its warm-hearted depiction of the life and feelings of common people. We released this story from its traditional boundaries, in an attempt to explore the weaknesses that lie at the very core of human existence.


The original story

Shibahama tells the story of the drunkard fishmonger Kuma-chan, a lazy dude who never goes to work. One day, he finds a wallet on the seashore with a fortune inside. Back home he instantly sets up a huge party together with his wife, gets drunk and falls asleep. The next morning, his wife tells him that it was all just a dream – all they have left now are the debts from the previous night’s party. Filled with regret, his first thought is to commit double-suicide, but finally decides to quit drinking and change into a hard-working man.

Three years later, on New Year’s Eve, his wife finally admits that the money was real – frightened by the large sum, she had taken it to the police, but as no owner could be found, the money came back soon. Kuma is mad at her first, but soon realizes that he should be grateful. The couple decides to celebrate with a glass of wine – but as the man lifts the glass, his words are: Better not! Or it will all become a dream again.

Text / Yoko Kitagawa
Director / Chiharu Shinoda
Dramaturg, Translator (English) / Sebastian Breu

Shiro Amano
Rino Daidoji
Mai Nakabayashi
Koji Yamazaki
Kazuya Kato
Yoko Kitagawa
Chiharu Shinoda
Ayami Sasaki
Kyoko Fujitani
Mihoka Kawamura

Technical director/ Yutaka Endo
Video / Shiro Amano
Sound / Daisuke Hoshino
Stage design / Ayami Sasaki
Interactive technology / Moonwalkers <Mamoru Metsugi, Mitsuhiro Obara, Reina Shiihashi, Naoto Takagaki, Shigenori Mochizuki> (Ritsumeikan University College of Image Arts and Sciences, Mochizuki Lab.)
Costume / Kyoko Fujitani
Tour manager / Olga Irimiás , Sebastian Breu
Translator (Thai) / Wichanan Glunrawd
Manager / Mihoka Kawamura
Produced by faifai

Cooperation / Chulalongkorn University, Pawit Mahasarinand, supernormal
Supporters / Asahi Beer Arts Foundation, The Saison Foundationd