2013 Rino and Shinoda “The PARTY party in Berlin”

“The PARTY party in berlin”

wiesenstrasse 55, 13357 BERLIN
DATE: 30th May (thu)
TIME: 20:00 ~ 23:00
FEE: 6 euro (include one bowl of OKAYU)

This is the invitation for the first meeting of PARTY party in berlin.

I am the leader of the PARTY party.
My name is Himitsu-chan.
In this performance, I tell you about “STORY”. All of stories are talking about PARTY.
Stories what I’m telling now would be happen or was happened in front of you.
But I think we must talk about secrets of being hidden too.
We cannot talk about whole stories at once, so let’s start to talk one by one.
So please join our party to listen many story of you.
Support the PARTY party!!!


Himitsu chan

concept and direction: Chiharu Shinoda
performer: Rino Daidoji(faifai) / Chiharu Shinoda / God Scorpion(shibuhouse)
secret assistant: Noriyuki Kiguchi (Akuma no shirushi)
tour manager: Rino Daidoji

DJs Kensi, God scorpion

☆this is one of shooting in the venue,
WIESENBURG, near wedding