DEC 6th sat / ANTON, NEKO, KURI special workshop

ANTON, NEKO, KURI special workshop

DEC 6th sat
30 euro

@Plateau Gallery -7th floor Greenhouse Berlin
Gottlieb-Dunkel Str. 43 /44
12099 Berlin

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Bus 277/N79 Station Saalburgstraße / M46 Station Bergholzstraße / Saalburgstr / Bergholzstr

19 14, 34, 56
20 10, 24, 34, 54

19 08, 28, 48,
20 06, 17, 34, 54

1, Shinoda Class – 1h

Shinoda uses the aesthetics of one scene from the show.
People can sing and dance everything from their daily life.

2, Neji Class – 1h30

Neji’s base technique comes from Butoh.
Exploring subtle movement with the text from “Anton Neko Kuri” solo part.

3, Tammy Class – 1h30
Tammy will explore an extraction of flamenco to use Arduino- based sensor interfaces.


Pijin Neji
Pijin Neji was a member of Dairakudakan, a butoh company from 2000 to 2004. He studied under Akaji Maro and danced in all of the company’s main productions while he was a member. After leaving Dairakudakan, he began his career as choreographer/dancer. His main works are solo works and choreographies in which he doesn’t dance. In “Noroi(The curse) ”presented in Lab 20 in the ST spot, the solo work featured and expanded on Pijin Neji’s physical characteristics. In his following choreography “The pendulum”, he attempted to visualize a body beyond the physical body through the choreography where individualities of the dancers were trimmed down to the minimum. In 2006, he appeared in “ASOBU”, a piece by French choreographer Josef Nadj, and toured in Europe and Japan including the Avignon Festival. In addition, he has performed in the dance group with Megumi Kamimura, Natsuko Tezuka and Kuri Suzuki. In 2008, he created solo“NJPJN” for the festival of the Orleans National Choreographic Center TRAVERSES. He received the Yokohama Dance Collection EX2011 Jury Prize(Grand Prix), and his piece “the acting motivation”,a self-documentary based on Neji’s own experience with part-time work, won Festival/Tokyo F/T AWARD.

Chiharu Shinoda
Theatre director Playwright Event organizer Born in Tokyo, in 1982 and lives in Bangkok now. In 2005, graduated from Tama Arts University, Faculty of Film and Theatre. Was one of the founding members of Koyubichi theatre group, started in 2004 by students of the same faculty. In 2008, the group changed its name to faifai, and Shinoda continued to take a major role in the group, mainly direction and scriptwriting until 2012.
After Shinoda leaves from faifai, she starts her solo project in Bangkok, Berlin, and Tokyo.